Who am I?

I'm a web developer based in Wrocław, Poland. Always interested in creative ideas and learning new things. I left my previous job as an aircraft engineer to make websites, so this shit better not be boring.

Why I made this website?

I bought expensive.toys domain during my periodical compulsive shopping phase. When I cooled down I actually decided to use it for my portfolio page as I needed one.

..why so much nostalgia tho?

Well I'm the 90's kid and love everything about it. Here's me:

Childhood photo of Artur Bień
Fig.1 - Me, Toys and Windows95.

What I'm aiming for?

I never expect people to teach me stuff. I want to surround myself with people better than me and make them uncomfortable with my skills some time later.

Areas of interest:

Creative coding, music production, fashion, design, trends in web.